Government and Services

City and County Administration

Bedford is governed by a seven-member city council and a mayor. The city council is known as the common council. Five of the seven council members are elected from individual districts while two are elected at-large. The mayor and clerk-treasurer are elected in a citywide vote. 

Mitchell is governed by a five-member city council and a mayor.

Lawrence County Council: The Lawrence County Council is the legislative branch of the county government. It controls the county's spending and revenue collection. Members are elected from county districts and serve four-year terms. They are responsible for setting salaries, annual budgets, and special spending. The council also has limited authority to impose local income, property, excise and service taxes subject to state approval.

Lawrence County Board of Commissioners: The county's executive body is comprised of a board of commissioners elected county-wide, serving staggered four-year terms. One commissioner, typically the most senior, serves as president. The commissioners are charged with executing the acts legislated by the council, collecting revenue, and managing the day-to-day functions of the county government.

County Officials: The county has several other elected offices, including sheriff, coroner, auditor, treasurer, recorder, surveyor, and curcuit court clerk. Each of these elected officers serves a four-year term.

Planning and Zoning

  •      Local Zoning Boards,
  •      Economic Development Commissions
  •      Planning Commission
  •      No zoning in the county

Law Enforcement

  •      Lawrence County sheriff  directs 16 deputies
  •      Bedford chief directs 32-member force
  •      Mitchell chief directs 5-member force
  •      Oolitic marshall directs one deputy

Fire Protection

  •      Bedford fire chief and 37 full-time firefighters
  •      Mitchell volunteer fire department with one chief and 15 volunteer firefighters

Waste Removal

  •      Municipal refuse collection
  •      County sanitary landfill
  •      Daily residential pick up


  •      Bedford - Primary sewage treatment plant, 3.6 MGD; less than  50% usage
  •      Mitchell - Municipal sewage disposal plant

Lawrence County is part of Indiana's Fourth Congressional District, Indiana Senate district 44, and Indiana House of Representatives Districts 62 and 65.


Events for May

  • May 3 Bedford Public Library hosts Hand Under Hand: Positive Physical Approach to Care for Careg 
  • May 4 Bedford Public Library - Writer’s Meet-up, 
  • May 5 Lawrence County Art Association - Paintings by Don Geyra: New and Ancient, Opening Recepti 
  • May 6 Bedford Lions Club-67th Annual Pancake Festival 
  • May 9 Bedford Public Library - Preschool Discovery: Story Favorites 
  • May 9 Bedford Parks Department - Downtown Car Show & Corn Hole Tournament at Harp Commons 
  • May 10 Bedford Parks Department - Indy Motor Speedway Tour 
  • May 11 Bedford Public Library - Teen Animanga 
  • May 12 24th Annual Golf Outing @ Otis Park 
  • May 13 Purdue Extension - A Moment Unplugged: Exploring Nature with Your Senses 
  • May 13 United Way - Day of Caring, Community Garden 
  • May 14 Spring Mill State Park - Mother's Day Buffet 
  • May 16 Bedford Public Library - Make a Floor Piano 
  • May 16 Lawrence County Museum of History - Brain Games XVI 
  • May 17 Bedford Public Library - Free Device Help 
  • May 18 Bedford Public Library - Balloon Blast 
  • May 18 Ribbon Cutting @ Milwaukee Train Depot 
  • May 18 Business After Hours @ JA Benefits 
  • May 20 Boys & Girls Club - Duck Derby 
  • May 24 Job Fair - hosted by WorkOne, Bedford Chamber of Commerce, & the Lawrence County Economic  
  • May 25 Bedford Public Library - Free Device Help 
  • May 26 Lawrence County Art Association - June Exhibit Opening Reception; Scenes of Lawrence Count 
  • May 27 Spring Mill State Park - Living History Weekend 

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