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Bedford is home to about 14,000 people. For demographic profile, click here. Our lifestyle is in many ways a bit more relaxed and inviting than that of our neighbors in larger markets. We have easy access to just about anything we could need or want – good schools, quality health care, shopping and dining experiences, and cultural amenities – without the challenges of city life. We enjoy lots of open parks and green spaces, beautiful recreational areas, and breathtaking scenery. And when we crave a taste of city life, it’s just a short drive away.

Living here has lots of perks. Our cost of living is significantly lower than national and state averages. Median home prices are far lower than those in comparable markets throughout the U.S. Property tax rates are considerably lower, as well.

And lower population density means more space for each of us, whether we’re driving to work, looking for a parking spot, using a library, or visiting a playground.

Our traditional Mid-Western values make us a friendly, supportive community. Those same values translate into crime rates that consistently rank well below national and state averages. Those are comforting statistics.

Bedford is a safe, pleasant and affordable community in which to build a business and raise a family.

Life is good here.

We are Bedford…

And we are a great community.


Events for February

  • February 15 Business After Hours @ Growby's RTO 
  • February 23 Breakfast with the Legislators 

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